Women Empowerment

SMIDS is working for reducing discriminations based on gender by capacitating women and promoting more opportunities for them in their personal, family and public lives. To achieve these aims SMIDS formed around 3,000 women organizations (self-help groups) with membership of around 45,000 women. SMIDS has incorporated the new gender perspective – of providing equal opportunities for women – in its programmes.

Skill Training

To provide value based higher education that produces persons who are innovative entrepreneurial, globally competitive and vested with high values and understanding of their professional social and ethical responsibilities. To establish linkages and MoUs with National, International Governments, Industries and other Institutions in the areas education, research and extension services. To promote education and critical awareness on socio-economic and political issues.


Micro-credit and own savings are treated as means to achieve sustainable livelihood for the weaker sections by starting micro-enterprises for generating additional income for their families. Main activities (micro-enterprises) are in food processing, handicrafts, livestock, horticulture, bamboo products etc. SMIDS is also supporting the entrepreneurs to market their products.

Community-based Health Programmes

Activities include community-based rehabilitation of the differently abled persons, addressing HIV/AIDS and problems of those affected/infected; addressing problems of the aged etc.

Educational Support Programme

Providing scholarships to the most deserving students from the weaker sections with the support of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (already provided scholarships to 95,000 children); scholarships for youths from the weaker sections pursuing professional studies; coaching and guidance of deserving and needy children on different aspects of education and life.

Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood

SMIDS is encouraging the members to use the money for generating more income to address their basic livelihood and other needs. SMIDS help the weaker sections to enhance their livelihoods in a sustainable manner by taking up economic activities. Own savings and bank credit are seen as means for starting up economic activities.

Natural Resources Management

Sustainable use of the natural resources – soil, water, air, plants and animals – are important to sustain life. SMIDS is promoting watershed management, rain harvesting, bio-diversity, organic farming, conservation and propagation of indigenerous varieties of plants and breeds of animals and birds to sustain life. Community based organizations are the media for promoting sustainable management of natural resources.

Community based Disaster Management

Southern India ie Tamil Nadu is experiencing periodical natural disasters – floods, soil erosion, sea erosion, landslides, damages due to wind etc. SMIDS is preparing the beneficiaries to prevent, and manage the disasters to reduce negative impacts.

Collaboration and Linkage

The organization has collaborated with various development organizations to implement projects and programmes of international and national repute. SMIDS collaborate with government and other institutions in its activities in order to ensure greater synergy and effectiveness in development.