About Us

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Vision Statement

“Establishing Society based on Justice, Peace and Love”

Mission:“The mission of SMIDS is to build up the potentials and caliber of the poor, marginalized, exploited, unorganized sections of the society, victims of calamities for their sustainable development through establishing community based organizations".


Empower women and children for integrated and sustainable development. Enhance gender consciousness at the individual, group, community levels and policy levels. Promote integrated health care system.
Organize rural, coastal and tribal people by forming Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Promote innovative and sustainable methods and practices among the rural population. Promote sustainable farming practices among small farmers.
Provide value based higher education that produces persons who are innovative entrepreneurial, globally competitive and vested with high values and understanding of their professional social and ethical responsibilities. Provide general, specific and soft skills to the individual to advance the knowledge and competence of education for successful careers and lifelong learning. Establish linkages and MoUs with National, International Governments, Industries and other Institutions in the areas education, research and extension services.
Support activities of the community based organizations for poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods of the weaker sections. promote education and critical awareness on socio-economic and political issues.

Our Team

Sr. Giles

Superior General

Sr. Rose Francis D.M

Managing Trustee

Provincial Superior

Sr. Dr. Archana Das D.M



Sr. Reena K. Mathew

Financial Trustee

Sr. Stella D.M


Sr. Anila Christy


Sr. Beena Jose


Sr. Rose Paul